Race Performance – Simplified.

Race Performance – Simplified.

​Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by warranty?

This Rever product is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of retail purchase of the product. Click here for more information including limitations.

Where can I buy REVER brakes?

IF YOU’RE A RIDER, please visit your local bike shop to get your hands on our brakes. You won’t be disappointed.

IF YOU’RE A DEALER, our products are distributed exclusively through Quality Bicycle Products.

For general information including availability please contact us at: info@riderever.com

What brake levers are the REVER MCX1 calipers compatible with?

The REVER MCX1 caliper is compatible with any short pull, drop bar lever designed for road or cyclocross use. This includes Shimano, SRAM, Tektro, and Campagnolo (10- and 11-speed systems.)

Note: The included ultra-slick cable is compatible with SRAM and Shimano levers. To use the MCX1 system with Campagnolo levers you will need to purchase a Campagnolo compatible brake cable.

Installation instructions?

PDFs of the MCX1 installation instructions are available for download in both English and French on REVER’s Safety & Instructions page. An installation video in English is available in that location as well.

Will there be enough spoke clearance when the caliper is mounted on the fork?

Extensive fitment testing has been done with the most commonly used hub/spoke/rim combinations to ensure there is adequate clearance. Additionally, a chamfer on the lower portion of the actuator arm on the inboard side provides additional clearance.

Note: Using a 140mm rotor on the front could result in spoke/caliper interference depending on the wheel being used. This is common with dual piston caliper designs which require a wider body. Using a 140mm rotor brings the caliper body closer to the hub flange and spokes which is the widest portion of the wheel. This increases the chance of spoke/caliper interference.

Can the MCX1 system be used for mountain applications?

The MCX1 caliper is designed for Road and CX use with compatible short pull levers.

What disc brake pads can I use as a replacement?

The Post Mount versions of the MCX1 and MTN1 use the Shimano G-type pad design. Flat Mount MCX1 calipers use the Shimano K-type pad shape. All branded pads that meet these backing plate standards are compatible with these calipers.

Before selecting or installing new brake pads check the rotor manufacturers recommendation regarding braking surface and pad compound compatibility. The brake pads included with the REVER MCX1 and MTN1 use a semi-metallic pad compound for use in all-weather conditions. Other compounds compatible with the REVER rotor include organic and sintered pads.

Note: The MCX1 and MTN1 are not compatible with pads that include cooling fins or features that change the backing plate design.

What mounting adapter is needed for installing the MCX1 with a 160mm rotor on a rear wheel if the frame has an IS tab?

We have included both a 140mm (rear)/160mm (front) IS adapter and a 180mm (front)/160mm (rear) Post Mount adapter.

If your frame has a IS tab on the rear and you want to use a 160mm rotor, an aftermarket IS adapter is needed. You can purchase this from your local bike shop or supplier that offers them.

What aftermarket (AM) rotors can be used with the MCX1 and MTN1 calipers?

The MCX1 and MTN1 calipers are compatible with most AM rotors on the market. We recommend using the REVER rotor for optimal performance.

Can I use Centerlock rotors with the MCX1 or MTN1 caliper?

Yes, both MTN1 and MCX1 systems are compatible with Center Lock rotors.

Note: If your wheel has a Centerlock hub and you are using an adapter with the REVER rotor, you may need to add rotor spacers to eliminate pad interference with the rotor. Some Centerlock adapters bring the rotor further away from the caliper than a tradition bolt-on hub would.

Can I use 203mm rotors with the MTN1 caliper?

The MTN1 was designed and tested for use with 160 and 180mm rotors.

Will the REVER flat bar lever work with any flat bar shifter?

Yes, we designed the MTN1 to work with all flat bar shifters.